Dog Friendly Camper Van Hire

When it comes to hiring a camper van, for me it means a family trip to explore to great outdoors. My family consists of two adults, one 10 year old human boy and a four legged good boy, if your dog is part of your family then Dog Friendly Camper Van Hire is for you.

All of the suppliers that we work with offer specific vehicles for those travelling with pets. You will tend to find that there is an option in each vehicle group so you will not be limited in anyway. The only difference in booking a camper van when travelling with a dog would be the cost, most locations will charge fee to allow your dog to travel in the motorhome.

How much does it cost?

Some suppliers will charge a one off fee per rental, others will charge a daily rate. Obviously the longer the rental the more this could add up to, so its worth discussing your options with us before choosing your vehicle.

The other cost you will need to be aware of is a cleaning cost, if there is evidence of a dog being present in the vehicle at the end of the hire then you could be landed with an extra cleaning fee, this will be laid out for you before your rental but as long as you give the vehicle a good clean, or even take it for a valet before returning then you should avoid this extra charge.

Other things to consider..

Much like motorhome rental suppliers, not all campsites are dog friendly. Do your research ahead of time and work out your itinerary based on dog friendly campsites.

If you are planning on leaving the UK during your rental then obviously you will need your Pet Passport, ensure all of the information is upto date and check that nothing has changed since Brexit. You may also need to check with your vet to make sure your good boy (or girl) is up to date and fit to travel many miles in the camper.

if you have any questions regarding Dog Friendly Camper Van Hire then please do not hesitate to contact our team, even if we do not know the answer we will do the leg work and find an answer for you. You can call our team on 0113 2899281, email us at or submit your enquiry via our contact form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.