Campervan Hire With A Debit Card

A question we have been asked numerous times is “why do I need to have a credit card to hire a motorhome?” The answer, contrary to popular belief is, you don’t need a credit card to hire a motorhome, we can arrange Campervan Hire With A Debit Card.

Much like booking hotels or renting a car, historically you would have needed a credit card to be able to hire a motorhome. The travel industry is changing and although some suppliers do still insist that you use a credit card to make payment and secure the deposit, some suppliers will allow you to use your debit card. The reason some suppliers still insist on a credit card is for their own protection, it is still widely believed that to have a credit card you will have been through more stringent checks than just opening a bank account, this really isn’t the case.

Requirements for using a debit card

The only requirement is that you have enough money in your account to cover the cost of the rental, including any additional extras and your security deposit. This deposit is typically £1000.00 in the UK. It’s a big chunk of change but when you consider the amount it costs to buy and run these vehicles, it seems like a drop in the ocean. Credit cards do have their benefits when it comes to deposits like this because its not real money, it doesn’t feel like you are handing over your hard earned cash but not everyone is in the position to have a credit card.

We work with a number of suppliers and have access to hundreds of vehicles around the UK so availability isn’t a problem. If you are looking for a campervan or motorhome and do not have a credit card, we can still help.

If you would like to speak to us about Campervan Hire With A Debit Card you can call our team on 0113 2899281, email us at or submit your enquiry via our contact form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.